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With the help of some industry professionals the behind the scenes production of the show is run by young people. 

Tech Team

The tech team will run everything you see on stage, whether it’s the fancy

lighting, sparks, pyrotechnics and smoke machines. They have been in the theatre plotting the lights, timing the pyros and smoke effects before the show too! They will also be working on ensuring that you can hear all of our brilliant acts on stage.

They are guided by Dan from SA Events, a highly regarded production company, providing world class production support to live events and theatre.


Props Team

The props team have worked hard creating some of the stage props. The team come together every week to create the amazing sets while learning new techniques. They are led by Amy West, an artist and maker who specialises in scenic effects for theatre, festivals, films and television.


The photography team have been working with professional photographer Martin Brown to learn how to take photos of the performers in tonight’s show. The group are also working with Huw capturing footage to be used in the GYG live
show video.
Martin Brown is a former GYG-er and self taught photographer. He has been working in the industry for 6 years, covering live events from street dance competitions to government meetings, he specialises in portrait photography.


Make-up and special effects 

Led by Nadine Nettleham, who works professionally in make-up and SFX. Our young make-up artists have been over-flowing with enthusiasm. Nadine leads weekly sessions with more than 20 young people. She has taught them traditional make-up skills as well as special effects seen in TV and films, they can now create beautiful make-up as well as horror scenes! 

Nadine trained in theatrical make-up and special effects and has competed and won national competitions. 



The hairstyling team have been working with professional stylist Jo to learn how to

create hairstyles for the performers in the show. Jo has taught the young people skills including French plaiting, curling and hair ups. The young people have been meeting weekly to learn these skills which you will see on the stage tonight.

Catering and cooking

Our dedicated cooking and catering group have been planning the menu for tonight’s VIPs for months, alongside their workshop leader Kat from Waipoua Vegan Café. They have reimagined classic dishes into vegan alternatives and between them cooked up a storm of incredible tasting food. Kat has worked at a number of Michelin starred restaurants in London and now has her own café based in The Grand in Gravesend.