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Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions

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Giving local young people a stage to perform and have their voice heard. Over the coming weeks, you’ll see lots of young people singing their favourite songs, in our studio space. It’s a place for any young person to come and perform.

We open with Harrison, his humour, his warmth will make your smile, while his mind-blowing vocals will know your socks off. Harrison lives in Gravesham, has been a part of our GYG youth programme for years and attends performing art school. We’re sure that he is destined for big things.

Dive in and watch a few clips of Harrison’s performance or sit back and listen to the whole show. We hope you love this as much as us.

GYG Studio Sessions are back! This week with Sam and his red boots!

Sam's been dancing from the age of 3! He's now a little older at 19 years old and has performed for a few years now at our Woodville Theatre show. Tonight he's bringing energy and emotion to the virtual stage.