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Thrive - Our Podcast

Thrive is one of our youth podcasts. It’s an online chat between young people about anything and everything life throws at you.

Our podcast is a chance to talk about serious and silly things. Season one saw us record more than six episodes talking about what young people need to thrive in life. We talked about school, friendship, work and what it’s like to be a young person in 2019, the everyday pressures you deal with but also the brilliant opportunities there that are out there. 

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New Youth Podcast : GYG Talks

Last year, we launched our brand new youth podcast GYG Talks and features five young people talking about a different light-hearted topic each week. Lockdown didn’t stop us, we recorded all the episodes on Zoom.  

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If you'd like to get involved in our new podcast, contact our youth team on 07856 474595.