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Gen Z

Zine-making sessions

Following Government advice, we are adapting our youth services.

Gen Z is currently not running face to face, contact our Youth Worker Stacey for more information on or call 07856 474 595 for updates

If you love writing, illustrating, graphic design, photography or simply have something to say you think should go in a local youth magazine join Gen-Z.

We meet at the Grand fortnightly with artist Ania Bas who leads the sessions. We discuss topics to include in our magazine, write articles and plan page layouts.

We’ll be having sessions with professional designers and artists to help create our magazine to a high standard and learn new skills form them, which could be useful for school projects and classes too, 

This project is run by Whitstable Biennale in partnership with The Grand. 

Start date: TBC
End date: TBC
Age range: 11 – 19 years (25 years with additional needs)
Cost: FREE
Who to ask for: Jane
Why do it?  See your work produced in a professional-quality magazine, learn how to print, work with professional artists, write your own stories and articles. There’s lots here to do!